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Monday, February 19, 2007

Worn and haggard

Do people nowadays not give a damn about what they look like? People used to go out, manifesting a certain aesthetic, now rarely seen. It astounds me how revolting people dress in downtown Toronto, especially witnessed (almost invariably) on the streetcar. How much do people really hate themselves? How much do people respect themselves, and others? Where's their dignity? Hanging out of that tube top? In those purple sweat pants? In that cowboy hat and poncho?


hello_sarah said...

Tell the truth....was this entry inspired by our Valumtine's dinner last week? The tube top comment must relate back, no?

-Neighbour Sarah



I forgot about her voLOMPtuous body on ValenTIMES day. Nope, that tube top did nothing for her.

-neighbour vet

Threnody said...

Sometimes when I'm going to the club I wear the tightest, ugliest, gayest thing I can find. Just because it amuses me.

On New Year's I wore what I believe was a girl's medium black t-shirt...with a sparkly lightning bolt on it.

I figure if I'm just going to take off my shirt anyways, I might as well have some fun while I still have it on.