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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Now this....

Hills, a reputable pet food company that makes Science Diet and veterinary precription diets, has recalled its feline m/d kibble
The feline m/d is made with wheat gluten, from the same source as that found in Menu Foods' recalled products. Once again, this wheat is grown in China. What are we growing in the Prairie provinces and down in the US? Figs? Can we not procure our wheat from our own farmers? At least this way we'd know that banned rodenticides will not be found on the crops.
When Menu Foods recalled some of their foods, I thought to myself: While I know that the prescription foods I recommend have the science to back them up, the sources of their ingredients are as unknown to me as the mysteries of a black hole.
Now we find out that Menu Foods, whose pet food I can say is probably not of the best quality, has something in common with a very high-quality, highly-reputable prescription diet: they both get their wheat from the same source in China. Wow, now that makes me feel great.
I empathize with every owner's concerns. Now here's the lesson: know what you feed your pets and sources of their ingredients. Call customer service if you have any questions regarding your pet food. I'm sure they'll be trained to answer questions pertaining to their ingredients, especially after these recalls. If they can't answer you properly or don't know, switch foods.

Chinese or North American wheat? Toxicology testing will give you the answer.


catmanager said...

Good luck getting Hill's or anyone else to tell you where they procure their supplies!

I wrote about wheat gluten, and why the United States imports so much of what it uses, here.


Thanks for the info. Funny I was reading your posts today as well.
I agree that it may be difficult to get that sort of information from pet food companies, but we, as consumers (and pet-care professionals), can put pressure on them to do so. Your blog is chock full of info. Thank you, catmanager.

Leigh-Ann said...

I'm intrigued by your comment, ...Menu Foods, whose pet food I can say is probably not of the best quality.... We now know that Menu Foods manufactured all the "cuts and gravy" style foods for Science Diet and Iams, so do you include those brands as being "not of the best quality"? If so, what brand(s) do you recommend to your clients? I've never had a vet recommend anything but Science Diet, Iams, or Eukanuba.


You've touched on a subject about which I have not yet made any conclusive decisions. I need to know more, it's that simple.
However, if blank-Mart so and so is selling 40 lbs of dog food for fifteen bucks, I can safely say that there is no way in heck that much money is being spent on quality ingredients or any scientific studies backing that particular food.
Even though I don't like to throw around the word "organic" and don't mind words like "by-products," the smaller-scale pet food companies may actually be offering up some quality that should be investigated further (i.e., I'm sorta kinda into them).

greg said...

I have done a ton of research on the foods. And though there are many very good producers of dog and cat food, we really do not know what really is in them. Some of what I found is very disturbing. I now, with many recourses, am starting to make my own food for my dogs.

greg said...

PS. As owners of dogs and cats, really, it is up to us to ensure the food they get is good, heck, they can not read the bag!!!