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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pet food recall

If your cat or dog becomes sick in the next few days, look no further than the bag of pet food in your kitchen. Retailers across North America are pulling bags of pet food from their shelves after several cases of renal failure in cats and dogs were linked to these foods.
This is quite scary. So far, the exact source of illness is unknown. I was relieved to see that the foods I feed my kitties are not on the recall list.
To boot, the company making the food is based in Ontario. In the spotlight once again, this will surely get tourists wanting to visit Ontario.


catmanager said...

I love visiting Toronto and have enjoyed what else I've seen of Ontario. The Menu Foods debacle won't change that. It has soured my feelings toward Hills and Nutro, though, two brands I used to trust and recommend to clients. (Both are U.S. companies, I'm pretty sure.)


You're probably right about not deterring tourists. It would be nice, nonetheless, to see Ontario/Toronto shine in the media for once.

Leigh-Ann said...

Speaking as a former Torontonian (now living in Las Vegas), I don't think the US media has put any focus on Menufoods being an Ontario-based company. In fact, I don't think I'd even know about the Canadian angle to the story, if not for the fact I read the Toronto Star online every day. That was the first place I saw the story about the recall, and it obviously focused on the local aspect.

So I'd say don't worry about this incident tarnishing the image of Ontario or Toronto, although perhaps it is time for the pet food industry there to be more regulated and supervised. Put Jack Layton on it, stat :)


Thanks Leigh-Ann. I'm very glad to hear that. I must be projecting my own displeasure with the city after once more equating it with some big important (negative) story in the media.
And yes, the industry here should be regulated as the FDA does in the US.
(By the way, if you could just get CSI Las Vegas on this pet food recall case, they'd have us an answer in no time!)