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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Power of Green

Tom Friedman, in the magazine edition of The New York Times, poignantly writes about the vital links between successful environmental strategies, the price of oil, and terrorism. While requiring a subscription to read the online article, you can watch the author discussing his article by clicking here.

Instead of coal plants used to generate energy, why not litter the planet's landscape with these?


Marie said...

Found your blog thanks to Dolittler. Aside from the Cesar Millan stuff it is MOST excellent.

(Sorry I am a dog trainer. If you want to support compulsion training then at least check out The Monks of New Skete instead. At least they are fair in their use of it.)

I do agree with some of his views, dogs should be treated as dogs and exercized more. That might be about it though.

Thanks for the blog. Can I add a link to it on mine?

This comment has been removed by the author.


Thank you so much for reading. You may certainly add a link on your site.
Regarding Cesar Millan, I tend to agree with his basic tenets of canine behaviour: 1) that dogs should be treated like dogs and not like people, 2) that dogs require far more exercise than what many people are offering, and 3) that North American (and European?) culture is conducive to producing dogs with behavioural issues (see my post with photo of doggie in stroller, Paris Hilton's canine accessory, etc.). It was my understanding that some dog trainers and behaviourists find him quite unconventional, so I certainly respect your views.
I will definitely check out The Monks of New Skete. Thank you, Marie.