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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Customer service or lack thereof

Most of us who work have to deal with clients or customers to varying degrees. I have to deal with clients every day. I like to treat them in the exact manner in which I would want to be treated. Unless a client tells me to go fudge myself, I will offer the best service that I can. It's simple.
I don't see this as a trend in Toronto. In fact, in cases where I receive excellent customer service, I will go out of my way to let them know just how great the service is. That's usually how awed I am when this occurs.
In my experience, Toronto restaurants are notoriously terrible for customer service. Extra tomatoes? That'll be $1.00 extra. Diner coffee: $2:50. Refill? Add a buck. Share a breakfast? Well, we'll have to charge you for that, too. I won't say where but let's just say that I'll never step foot again in a certain Queen Street East breakfast joint. They can just fudge themselves (but I'm sure they'll charge for it).
Please: think about the customers!

Please note that this is a fictitious event. The customer service represented in this photo does not occur.


Anonymous said...
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TONurse said...

As a consumer, I can totally relate to the lack of customer service in Toronto. As a "retired" server, I do have to comment that sometimes, it's beyond the waiter/waitress' control, what they *have* to charge you for. Still, there is absolutely NO excuse for crappy service (In most cases, I'm overjoyed to get mediocre service of any kind - how pathetic is that!). I've noticed lately, that even McDonalds has taken away "free smiles" from their menu.



Some people ask me why I'd pay six bucks for a slice of cake and a cup of coffee at Starbucks. They consistently offer great service and a free, huge corporate smile to boot. Period.

TONurse said...

dually noted, and agreed. Besides, their chai latte is slightly addictive!

98>79 said...

what if your server doesn't know the difference between a tiny banana and a plantain? that can be soooo annoying, ne c'est pas?
which queen east resto was it that got your goat....unsmiley lady, liar-man's former hangout, or another?

maggie said...

I wanted to tell you (and anyone reading this) about the best service experience I've had - ever! A relatively new rastaurant on Yonge St., just south of Eglinton called Quince. The server (I never heard her mention her name, although I'm sure she did) was perfect. Attentive without being pushy or clingy, knowledgeable and funny.. almost psychic, really. She overheard my friend mention that it was my birthday, and when my dessert was served she had put a singe candle in it. So sweet!

The food was wonderful, the decor and ambiance was beautiful, yet understated.. and I swear that I don't work for them. :) I highly recommend it..


I'll definitely check it out. Thank you, Maggie.