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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Great service but...

A very active day, indeed. Spent this afternoon hiking in the Albion Conservation Area, near Bolton. A change of scenery is all I needed from the oft-encountered blight of downtown Toronto.
This evening was spent with friends in the Beaches (or Beach) neighborhood. Warm, fresh air added to the peacefulness of the evening.
For dinner, we sat on a popular patio, had a few refreshing drinks and enjoyed the company of one another.
Unlike what I describe in a previous post, the service was quite good, but the food was terrible. I ordered butter chicken, a popular Indian dish, which the waitress described as "delicious." Oh, by delicious she meant atrocious.
Instead of pieces of boneless chicken (I've never had butter chicken otherwise), I was served a half-chicken, similar to what is served at Swiss Chalet or any other BBQ chicken joint, with the sauce poured over it. Am I a food snob? Apparently not last night as four out of six meals were disgusting. I mean they ruined my buddy's burger for fudge sake.

Please, all I want is a meal that is not gross.


Does not equal


Justin said...

For a meal that is not gross check out Salad King, if you haven't already.

Great Thai.

It's at Yonge and Gould. One light north of Dundas, on Gould.

I'd reccomend the Golden Curry with Chicken. It's amazing.

And I have another quick question for you about my pup. Recently she's gotten really bad breath. Smells like fish. I don't think it's her diet because she's been eating pretty much the same thing her entire life. She's six months. I've read that bad breath like that can hint at an internal problem. Im going to schedule an appointment with my vet to get her checked out, but I wanted to get your opinion on the topic before I did.




I like Salad King except for the fact that it can get a tad noisy in there at times.
Six months of age is when much of the puppy's adult dentition is erupting. At this time, their breath can get stinky because they have mild swelling of the gums coupled with food getting caught between their deciduous (baby) and adult teeth.
This is a good time to start brushing if you haven't already.

Justin said...

Yeah, I hate the noise, and the fact that most of the time you end up sharing a not so big bench with others.

Thanks for the advice, we'll start brushing and hopefully it'll help. I'll also have the vet check her mouth when we take her in next.

After coming to your blog so often, I've decided I'm going start one. Since others are willing to do it, so shall I. Even though I'm not much of a writer or thought sharer. It would probably help that too.



Great! Please post a link to your blog on this site when you start one.

Justin Marshall said...