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Sunday, June 10, 2007

More kvetching about public transit

Two years ago, I gave up my Mini Cooper. Yes, ok, so I used to drive a car, reinforcing the oil giants that we need them.
Well, shoot, we do! I need my freakin' car back because I no longer wish to take the most unpleasant and inconvenient mode of transportation imaginable: the TTC!
At 7:00 AM this morning, I jumped on the 501 from Leslieville heading West. The pleasant, clean, and cool air outside didn't last as it was not less than 90 degrees on the damn streetcar. The radiators were BLASTING heat. All six of us on the double-length car had all the windows open to prevent us from passing out. To boot, the conductor was driving so slowly, a lame tortoise (lame like all things on Queen st) passed us.
Ride the Rocket? Is this a sick euphemism? SlowTurtle, Scuzz Train, or Consumption Junction would be more apt names for the streetcar and subway system in Toronto.
Seriously, folks, something needs to be done. The decent (and not drunk) people of Toronto need a clean, safe, convenient way around the city, without having to purchase a car... though I don't foresee a viable solution anytime soon.

Hmmm.... the streetcar...

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