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Monday, June 25, 2007

Muzzles and warm weather

Inappropriate muzzles and warm weather can be a nasty combination for your dog. Dogs cool off mostly by panting. Water evaporates from their mouths/tongues and takes heat with it. So what happens when you muzzle your dog's mouth shut in warm weather? They overheat, like an engine without coolant (I know nothing about cars by the way...).
Heatstroke can kill a dog and I don't know of a veterinarian that has not seen a case.
The "banned" breeds in Toronto are required by law to be muzzled. As often as I see a seemingly-responsible dog owner walking their muzzled dog, they are far too often muzzled with one of these:

No. No. No. It is wonderful (and shocking) to see the law being obeyed, but please remember: these dogs cannot cool off while wearing these muzzles. The worst is witnessing these dogs leashed to a bike, muzzles glued shut, and trotting away like a furnace ready to explode... -sigh-
The (what-most-find-) offensive and (not-really-) frightening Hannibal Lecter-type muzzles are indeed those that should be ubiquitous.

Are they? Maybe, but I don't see 'em. They are not heavy, are easy to put on and remove, and allow a dog to open it's mouth to pant and drink. They can easily be cleaned and allow currents of air to pass through them unlike those made from leather or nylon. Most importantly, they will prevent bites, which is the muzzle's main purpose.
While one must be vigilant, don't let the muzzles fool you; the best dogs in the world may be wearing one.

Now that's a muzzle.

I'm sure he's a sweetheart underneath that, really.

I'm not quite sure what this is.

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Naruto Fan said...

I herd kind of another story it happens when you leave your dog outside to long in the winter there collar freazes to there neck in cold weather... =( poor dogs