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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I don't understand...

While waiting for the streetcar today, I caught a glimpse (actually, couldn't miss it) of one of those advertising trucks that can be seen on their circuitous routes through the city. One ad read: "Place your ad here!" while another read rather ironically: "Cut emissions by 15-20%" or something like that. This very large truck, likely consuming tons of gas in the city, and spewing equally large amounts of emissions, is advertising for some earthy or green organization. Could they not have thought of less polluting forms of advertisement?

A billboard truck. I think we should start putting ads for air purifiers on cigarette packs.


Cashew said...


I came across your blog while searching for online vet advice. I really hope you won't mind if I ask you a question.

My 7lb, 14 month toy poodle (in great health) has had increasingly worsening reactions to the Revolution heartworm medication (liquid form)purple box.

His last reaction included freaking out and running around trying rubbing the location where I applied the liquid, digging crazily, whining, followed by total lethargy, hours of off and on sleep, and a huge thirst (lot's of drinking all day) followed by lot's of urination. The next day he was back to normal.

I was able to find a copy of the "SUPPLEMENTAL NEW ANIMAL DRUG APPLICATION - REVOLUTION", but it did not list these reactions.

I called the vet who said we could try Sentinal (pill form) next time, she indicated it was not as good for fleas as Revolution.

I'm just wondering if you have heard of this type of reaction, what it may mean, and if you think the Sentinal pill will make a difference.

You can email me at "" or reply to my "Dog Blog".

Any information would be much appreciated.




I have read several reports concerning this type of reaction to Revolution. It does not sound like a typical allergic reaction to the product or a toxic reaction. It may be the alcohol or other carrier (the liquid in which the drug is mixed) that is causing physical discomfort or imparting an odd feeling to the skin when applied. I think this is causing stress in the dog and therefore the signs that we're seeing, including the increased drinking (and hence) increased urinating.
I wouldn't apply this product to your dog anymore. I like Sentinel. While it breaks the flea life cycle at various stages, it does not kill adult fleas. However it does prevent and kill many intestinal parasites, and prevent heartworm disease, which are more important than fleas in my book.