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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dogs in costumes and beauty pageants...

It would be hard to say that this isn't adorable. And clever. I distinctly recall dogs as having four limbs.... I'm more impressed with the creativity associated with this costume than the fact that it is being sported by a species other than Homo sapiens.
Seeing a dog clad in a Halloween costume irks me, almost as much as being privy to a five year-old in a Southern Belle Beauty pageant (not irks, repulses me). Neither, however serve the dog or the child. A dog doesn't understand the purpose of the costume party, while a four year-old toddler may like the attention (like the dog) in a pageant but surely doesn't understand what exactly is going on around her. These activities and behaviour serve but their eccentric pet owners and whacko parents.
Would an interactive, fun, and educational visit to a museum or aquarium with one's young child not serve a child better than to transform her into a Barbie doll (risking shame and embarrassment, disappointment, and sadness)?
It is very different from dressing ourselves and our children in costumes, who understand the tradition and fun associated with it, just as a smart, young woman surely understands why she wants to be Miss Universe (which still makes me gag).

The excitement manifested by your dog on a walk or run on a wooded path, ravine, or beach, would far likely prove that this activity is much healthier (for dog and owner) than this:

I would much rather see a large (or even small) dog sporting a full backpack running through the forest with his owners. Here, the weight of the backpack is good for the dog and he is also working for his owners (the alpha leaders). This is what dogs do for a living, and love to do it!

Now THAT's a dog in a costume!

And to any parent contemplating entering their child into a beauty pageant, I would strongly recommend you do this with your child

instead of this

This is just $^%# sick...


Justin Marshall said...

I hate all these celebrites that buy toy dogs and treat them just as that, toys. If you want to play dressup with something, buy a Barbie.


Right, Justin. However, not only celebrities do this.

Justin Marshall said...

Oh I know, but you see it more than with others.

So in a correction to my previous comment, "I hate all these people......"


I am harsh when it comes to these things because I know that this behaviour in people is part of a "doggie culture" that is at the very root of serious behavioural issues in dogs. This culture includes playing dress-up with our dogs. It is this collective culture that irks me more than seeing a pug in a pumpkin suit.

Marie said...

I'm not into dog costumes either. But that said some of them are really funny and amuse me. (I prefer to hope they are only dressed up long enough for a photo shoot and then allowed to be a dog again.)

But I abhor kids made up for pagents. Who in their right mind dresses up their 7 year old in make up to look sexy to win a beauty contest? It is just a version of kiddie porn to me. I bet every single pagent audience has at least one child molester in it. Probably more. Sick sick sick.



Thanks for the comment. I, too, am human and think that some of these dogs are irresistibly cute. However, see my post in March/06 entitled "Cesar's Way." This may better explain my view about costumes and carriages. Can you imagine the dog in the latter photo clad in a costume? Me neither.

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TorontoVet said...

Thanks for the feedback, Marco. Much appreciated. Ciao!