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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Feedback: dogs wearing costumes

I received some feedback from some of my great clients regarding my previous post. While they understood the point of my post, they also thought I may have been a tad harsh. Let me set something straight: I love dogs and cats - for being just that: dogs and cats. I like them for their canine-ness and their feline-ness, not for the eccentricities subjected on them by humans. One of those eccentricities involves dressing dogs up in Halloween costumes. BUT! They are darn cute, I admit it... I mean, how could I not?


dannyd said...

Hey there, I saw u on CP 24 on TV, great appearance. Nice site I will be sure to check back often for advice and tips.

bigmac1x said...

Nice that you do hear us. Wasn't critical of you & do understand your viewpoint. It's owners enjoying the dressing up not the pets. But pets do enjoy the attention they get from those amused by it! Good can come from silliness. Keep up the great work! Love your care & concern for what you do. It's appreciated by me (& the kids too).