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Friday, September 14, 2007

Having no choice but to eat pets...

It was reported today, on CNN (online edition) that due to a severe food/meat shortage in Zimbabwe, pets are being slaughtered and eaten. Here, we live in a society that lavishes love and attention on its pets. Can you imagine being in a situation that prevents you from properly serving the basic needs of your pet? I cannot imagine not having the means to provide food for my cats. I can imagine less being so hungry that I would need to eat my them. The thought is just too macabre.... but the residents of Zimbabwe are so desperate for food that this is what it has come down to. Vendors are selling frozen dog meat from trucks by the roadside... dogs are starving. And worse, there is not enough phenobarbital solution to humanely euthanize the pets who are suffering. My heart pours out to all of them: the desperate human beings and the suffering pets who cannot possibly understand what is occurring around them...

Where is the international support for Zimbabwe? Why are there not 130 thousand (or a portion of that number) American troops in southern Africa trying to oust the corrupt ZImbabwean leader, Mugabe (a sick man who believes that there is a cure for AIDS)? Where are the international community's efforts in supplanting him? Click here to see why this is feasible.

The G8 and other countries, together, could easily provide the nourishment to all those human and animal mouths that are desperate for their basic needs.

Please read the entire CNN article here

At least for a little while, these two men should provide some sort of bitter sustenance for the starving dogs.