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Monday, February 4, 2008

Iranian man kisses woman's breast

Last month, a man from Iran completing his PhD in engineering in St. Johns, Newfoundland, found it perfectly normal to kiss a woman on her breast while riding an elevator alone with her. He claimed, "You can't expect all males to control themselves when the breasts are out." I'd call a primitive ape a gentleman compared to this guy.
Had that occurred in his own or neighboring country, the fault would likely lie squarely on the woman's shoulders. Firstly, she would be stoned to death for dressing immodestly, and secondly would be found guilty for "enticing" the man (I mean, what kind of hussy rides alone in an elevator with a man?).
This guy is a barbarian who has lost his privilege to stay in this country. Period. This is a country where a woman can show cleavage (no matter how tasteless: attend Toronto's Caribana for details) if she wishes without inviting unwanted booby kisses.
The woman is now suffering from trauma and has difficulty sleeping. Farhood Azarsina, the scumbag in question, claims he has suffered while in prison for three weeks. I hope his fellow inmates find him as appealing as he found the woman whose breast he kissed. Let this guy get molested by a couple of big guys against his will: it'll most certainly be the only way for him to see just how wrong his actions were.

While lacking in taste and leaving nothing to the imagination, please ask her permission before kissing.


Anonymous said...

Maybe your gay and thats why you don't understand?

TorontoVet said...

Nonsense. I understand what respect and common decency are.
Sexuality has nothing to do with it. If it were a woman and not a man who had kissed the other woman on her breast, it would be equally wrong.

Anonymous said...

You look like you are a g@y and this topic showed us your stupidity! Dumbo!

TorontoVet said...

Dear Anon,

Most readers likely don't agree with you. Wake up call: people from this country are not allowed to behave that way. If you want "permission" to do this, or reason to blame the woman, go back to the Middle East.

autumn_dryad said...

To Anon: shame on you! Just because you don't like what TorontoVet wrote, that gives you no right to insult his intelligence and/or sexuality.

To TorontoVet: Thank you for posting your opinion on this incidence. I found it to be most refreshing, and renewed my belief that a lot of men out there really are nice people. Except for the previous anonymous poster to your blog.

TorontoVet said...

Dear AD,

Thanks for reading. The fellow who commented is likely from a patriarchal society (far likely in the Middle East) that has taught him how to think. He's obsolete to us.

Linn said...

Dear Toronto are amazingly enlightened...thankyou for your candor and empathy for femininity....
.....ignore negative/ignorant/rude are refreshing and much appreciated...
...blessings, Linn

TorontoVet said...

Thanks for reading and posting. I'm glad this post continues to generate interest and dialogue.

Shian said...

Dear TorontoVet,

I completely agree that men in this country should not behave this way. This behavior completely disregards respect for the female gender, and should not be tolerated.

However, I do find myself alarmed about your response towards this issue. I am quite sure many men including myself have strong urges towards attractive women dressed revealingly. Though this does not give any right for the man in question to touch her in any unwanted fashion, this Farhood Azarsina is a foreigner to the Western culture. This does not give you any right to personally attack him, or address him as a "barbarian."

Being raised in a different society with different values inflicts many people with ignorance. Though I am positive self-respecting individuals would study the cultures of the country before traveling there, there are always mistakes made. To err is human, they say. Many "civilized" people of the Western society makes plenty of mistakes in a strange environment as well, as observed many times in different Asian countries, such as Korea and Japan. However, we must learn to understand, and to reeducate.

Definitely, I do not seek to remove the blames for the cultural systems of the Middle Eastern societies. Value systems that do not take both genders into consideration is a danger to modern world. However, please refrain from attacking this unfortunate individual whose crime was merely to be wrongly educated. "Go back to Middle East" is a very prejudiced and offensive statement. Such mistakes could bring similar attacks on yourself as well.

TorontoVet said...

Thanks for the comment. Your apologist views condoning this man's behavior are baffling. I care little about his upbringing, and less about the why and where. His behavior would not even fly in Iran (though I wonder if a woman would even tell anyone that that happened to her).
If a criminal put a bullet in your best friend's head, would you be sympathetic to the "unfortunate individual" whose cultural differences or upbringing led to the crime? Puh-lease.
I also care little about your urges, but more about whether you have consent to act upon them. This is my point. We all have urges in every aspect of our lives, and typically refrain from them. When we don't, this usually results in something called a crime, something this Iranian man committed.
Finally there is a difference between, for example, not knowing that one should bow in Japan and what we're discussing here.

Anonymous said...

TorontoVet, whilst I find this "man's" actions appalling and repulsive, I find your comments about the Middle East offensive and unecessary. Most of the people there don't agree with the views the government has imposed on them, and to think they do would be plain ignorance. You clearly don't know very much about the TRUE values there. I say this as an English man married to an Iranian woman.

I do, however, agree with your views about this disgusting animal.

TorontoVet said...

As I indicated in my previous comment: "this behaviour would not even fly in Iran." Iranians are undoubtedly sophisticated and highly educated. It is extremely unfortunate that the Islamic Revolution of '79 has brought so much oppression to the people of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Your probably the jack ass who attacked that woman in the elevator and get turned on by posting it up into blog.. what a sick fuck you are..

Australian thinker said...

the thing about life my dear friends is there is a rule that dictates how our world functions. It’s a primary rule or law for all those studying physics but is equally prevalent in any small corner of the galaxy let alone earth, and it effects everything from our pathetic and weightless social life’s (that we cant see past because most people are so selfish and arrogant, resulting in our inability to see the big picture) to the way our universe operates. The law is as follows. “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, Newton’s 3rd law of motion. Now how does this apply to cleavage u may ask well here id like to draw upon the comments of possibly one of the greatest social commentators of our time, from the influences of Chris Rock, I give you David Chappel, and in quoting a stand up show he said the following, now I do not remember the exact words used so I will have improvise.
If your walking down the street, minding your own business and suddenly you find yourself a witness to what seems to be an armed robbery conducted by a group of bandits, of a man who like you was also walking down the street minding his own business. You look around and spot a police officer dressed in uniform.
You run to the police officer and proclaim ‘this man needs your help you must help him its your duty’. The man in uniform turns to and you and says ‘just because im dressed this way doesn’t make me a police officer!”.
Now the simple matter here folks is the world works on generalisation. The world we live in is far too complex and varying that it would be impossible for a person or system to function whilst taking into account every single variable, just ask any economist he will tell you the same thing, it’s a fundamental aspect of economics as it’s based on generalisation.
So my point is if your idiocy (and I know the true weight attached to this word and I don’t take it lightly, but in this situation the gravity of it would warrant its use) extends to the level that you believe that people will not either consciously or subconsciously form a certain impression of you based on how you dress then you’re not only a foreigner of any civilised and developed country, your also a foreigner on this planet! Any lay person will know that the way which some one prepares, presents or dresses themselves is an indication or reflection of the individual’s psychology, to think otherwise would be equal to the foolishness associated with someone who keeps telling themselves they’re thin when they’re so morbidly obese they can physically stand or get out of bed due to their weight.
Whatever happened to being sensible? Do women actually think that by throwing their cleavage out it will have any positive effect accept wake up a part of the male anatomy not associated with the brain? The great Robin Williams once said “god gave you a penis and a brain and only enough blood to run one at a time…” that how it is with men! but of course this does not give men a ‘pass go’ card to do whatever they like and blame it on genetics, the reason we have law is to insure that we control ourselves appropriately in society (kissing women’s breast is obviously legally and personally wrong). BUT HERE ME OUT when I plead to the sensibility of women to be smart about the way you handle yourself, think two, three, four steps ahead. If you wear a low cut top and you walk into an office building filled with men not excepting any of them not to stare (unless of course that’s your plan and I know for a fact that two thirds of the time it is) you need a reality check.
If you do feel the need to dress in that particular fashion, think to yourself why? I know women who have said they dress to “show it off” because they enjoy the confidence to be able to do so, or they do it for themselves to feel beautiful. Well let me tell you all something, if you need people falling over each other to get a sight of your assets to give you a morale boost it doesn’t matter how much you show off you’ll never get that satisfaction or fill that need, because if someone else comes along better looking than you your followers ‘will turn’ so to speak. Truly beautiful women are the ones who know their beautiful but don’t need a skirt that will slip up her ass if she bends over or a button top that’s about to explode, because they don’t need anyone else’s approval or recognition, they know what they have and don’t need anyone to tell them, and the truly handsome and intelligent men are the ones who know the difference between a fake diamond and a real one.
And I mean for god sake girls think of it like this, I’m a guy and naturally when a beautiful yet revealing women walks by I stare in lust, but when if that same beautiful woman walks by, dressed alittle more appropriately, gives me nothing more than a smile I’m not going to be looking at he in lust, instead I find myself hooked knowing I won’t be able to stop thinking about the smile, and why? Because I’ve been given this tiny, infinitesimal thing that forms part of this women whom I know nothing about except the way she smiles, it’s like giving someone a tiny sip of the best wine in history and not giving them anymore. The taste stays in your mouth for days, and you wonder how amazing a whole glass would be, the same is so with the smile.
I hope you all see my point, you can’t expect to make any decision in life without there being consequences, u dress like a garbage collector expect people to think you’re a garbage collector, you dress like a judge expect people to treat you like a judge, it’s a natural subconscious habit that reinforces the fact all humans are, in fact, human!
Ps. Ladies don’t be fooled by the witty vet, he’s playing the innocent caring game, its actually quite text book and not creative, so get some style man!! He takes a topic, one which the view of women will be easy to predict. He simply takes all the arguments women would have put down, making it look like he’s sensitive and considerate. Remember ladies think deeper! People are naturally manipulative and learn how to fool each other at a very young age, no one is innocent!!! If there’s anything you get from my post its this, ‘Never take anything on face value’!!!

willing to discuss further, check me out,

TorontoVet said...

I think you've lost your focus on that rant. Thanks for posting.

Seeker said...

As an Iranian in Toronto, I am offended by two things in this post. First, it is the man's behaviour who makes all other Iranians look bad by acting like a sociopath (and then blaming it on cultural differences.) Secondly, I'm offended by the poster's thinly veiled suggestion that all Iranians are barbaric savages who act like this. Do you seriously think that a man in an Iranian elevator could molest a woman and that it would be socially acceptable? If you do, it's time to learn more about other cultures, and to stop adopting demonized and cartoonish images of other people as handed down by your sensationalist media sources. People in other countries are people too. Most of them are decent people, some are bigots, and a few are just parasites, just like in any society. Your 'go back to the Middle East' comments reveal you as a racist bigot. What is really the difference between you and Farhood? He is a misogynist and your are a racist.

TorontoVet said...


Perhaps you are reading between the lines. If you
re-read the comments in order, you will notice that my "go back to the Middle East" comment is aimed specifically at one individual who commented, an apologist for the perpetrator's sick behavior somehow trying to link homosexuality with a misunderstanding of a heterosexual's urges. THIS, I find offensive and barbaric. I make not a single apology about telling him to go back to the Middle East, and would not be surprised if he is indeed from a Middle Eastern, patriarchal, society that treats its women like crap.

Anonymous said...

dear TorontoVet,

I find your commments and replies to other people's comments discriminatory. I mean, you could simply condemn the man who did the act himself. There is no need to connect the Middle East, Iran, etc., and stereotype them as disrespectful to women just because of an act of a single man who happen to come from that place. Even your country has lots of maniacs and psychopaths. Many even do acts worse than what the Iranian did. So please. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This blog shows nothing but your racist mindset "TorontoVet". The way you portray this man as being the representative for every Iranian is disgusting. And before you rebutt with "oh I never stated that" can I remind you that most people of an average IQ level would be able to tell what the point of your post was. I expect more intelligence from someone claiming to be a vet. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it if I posted an article about a murderer or a rapist from Toronto and insinuated that every Toronto resident or every Canadian is scum. I am sure there are plenty of perverts in Canada same as every other country in the world, it has nothing to do with "culture".

Anonymous said...

What I am going to say here might not look or sound attractive to some out there. However, before I begin, let me caution you about one thing - do NOT at any point think that I am siding with the man - I am not. I cannot side with someone who acts in such grossly horrible and graceless ways. But I do have some strong questions to put, and put I will.

Why in the world should women have the licence to show off their breasts? Isn't that indecency?

Breasts are a person's (or more appropriately a woman's) secondary sexual characteristics. They are an important part of their sexual anatomy. By exposing them in public, are women not COMMITING A PUBLIC ACT OF EXHIBITIONISM? And EXHIBITIONISM is a Public Crime!

If it is not wrong for them to be shown, what wrong is there to get touched? And why should it be wrong?

One may retort in argument that you necessarily cannot touch what appears beautiful, or what you find irresistible, for you do not own it. GREAT! But then the reverse applies to this too - you cannot call all you cannot touch beautiful. Let me explain. You cannot offend someone else's sensibilities or sense of decency, or challenge their control over their own carnal desires. That IS wrong too.

You don't necessarily need to touch something to violate its Self - that can happen from a distance too. A Blaring automobile horn can put you into great auditory discomfort, and loud levels or bursts of noise can permanently impair hearing. That is why laws have been passed to stop this action-at-a-distance type of violation of human rights - Sound or Noise Pollution. The same applies to Visual Pollution too, and baring your private organs in public, whether in full or in part, is a grotesque example of Visual Pollution. Exhibitionism is a Crime, and a crime must not go unpardoned.

However, it doesn't mean that I support what the man did; it is another example of wrong public behavior. True gentlemen would ignore a woman who shows off her private parts in public, and be turned off rather than turned on or find her attractive.

I don't support what the man did on the elevator; it was absolutely DIRTY and DISGUSTING; and I do not support what the woman did either; it was DIRTY too!

Mortimer Lang said...

Clearly everyone's missed the point here. The reality is quite simple: the man's an engineer - that's why he behaves the way he does. He's probably prone to clearly daft behaviour in elevators because his mind swirls with math. Mathematics does that to you: it turns you into a bespectacled geek who kisses breasts inappropriately. COME ON! You guys are choosing which words to get offended by. And it's frankly rather sad and primitive.

Why do we feel the need to analyse why Azarsina does this? Why don't we look at the news to pick up why the newspaper brought up the fact that he was an Iranian in the country doing a PhD? It's clear that they're imply this man's intelligent, but he's culturally different - so much so that he cowers behind an excuse that he MUST react to visual stimulus in this way. He even admits to losing control and doing the wrong thing. So why shouldn't he be punished?

And why is this about the woman? We don't even know the context and we're judging her to be some whore already? What if she was an 18 year old high school student who had just come back from the swimming pool, and she's wrapped up in a towel, but it doesn't cover her fully. She gets into a lift with a guy who is probably dressed respectably and when the lift door closes: he lunges and starts to kiss her breast! That's terrible. It's not racist. If he's on a visa and has committed a crime, why shouldn't we revoke his visa and get him out? It's some other country's problem - particularly since that country produced such a behaviour.

Admittedly, the whole being raped by men in prison might be overkill - but it does bring up a good point: do men really know what they're doing to women? Perhaps they need to be shoved one by one into a gay club/sauna to be looked at like a piece of meat, to be fondled and groped, for them to feel powerless (or powerful... who knows?). Maybe it should be part of the orientation programme for new students from overseas?

That's not to say there isn't people who sexually abuse women local to the area, the question is: is this a cultural thing? And if so, is this appropriate and acceptable? There is nothing wrong with questioning if the people who are coming into your country are right for the fabric of the place. That doesn't make you racist, neither does it make you prejudiced. You have the right to question, to express your dislike for something that is alien to you. It's not disrespectful for someone to ask you to leave if you don't fit in.

Anonymous said...

nobody has a right to kiss my elbow either if it happened to turn them on. sheesh. this is depressing. People! You don't have a right to randomly kiss or molest others! Period!

musterz said...

First off I find it interesting how people love hiding behind anonymous postings to tear into TorontoVet, very grown up. Second, I as a woman find it a bit immature for the trashier women to dress in revealing outfits. Frankly I can turn heads in a t-shirt and jeans (regular not the plunging neckline that has become popular.) However this is America and women can dress how they choose as long as they are covered enough by the letter of the law. Of course that being said should women dress in such a fashion that we might be confused as street workers? Probably not if we expect to be treated well. Thirdly, I've been around enough men to know that the Robin William's comment is true, of course it's all about self control, some men have it, and some don't. Unless you live in an area where that is permitted (Darfur comes to mind) most civilized men know to keep hands off unless they are specifically invited. (Note I said men because most boys haven't got the self-control aspect of their personalities yet). Of course the article didn't mention who was on the elevator first, who came on when or if they went in together. Personally as a woman if I was alone waiting for an elevator and it opened up to show a single man inside I would most likely wait for the next one available, either that or take the stairs (healthier anyways) but that isn't always the safest option either. It shouldn't matter if you are in Canada or America you should be able to go out in public without being molested by an oversexed male, no matter what country that male is from. (Of course who can blame the poor guy, coming from a country where the women wear birkas (sp) granted the true evil of the country comes from the government, however there is always going to be the individuals who are brainwashed by their government no matter what country they live in.)

/rambling rant

Summit Ensign said...

I feel I must begin by complimenting Ms. "musterz" (Post - May 21,2009) on the wonderful way in which she has been able to post, in my opinion, a very balanced view of the situation.

Well, however, before I proceed, I feel I should let you know that I am the same "Anonymous" speaker just before "Mortimer Lang", (Post - April 27, 2009) and being very new to blogging, I did not then realise the importance of signing-in before posting a comment. I truely apologise for this, and I thank Ms. 'musterz' for bringing this to my notice.

Ms. 'musterz', Pardon me if I'm Wrong, but I have a strong feeling that the epithet 'Robin Williams' was meant for me (I assure you that I did not mind it in the least, rather I found it quite interesting). Well, Ma'm, I feel I should let you know that I'm NOT an American Citizen, and as such I've only attempted to provide a General Perspective of the situation as I see it. My not being American can sometimes put me in obscurance to American thought and culture, and I apologise if I have extended myself too far.

The reason I apologise is NOT because I feel like a fish in wrong waters, BUTt rather because I happen to have some very good American friends, and knowing them the way I do, I have always felt that Americans are a Great People. They are Honest, Broadminded, Passionate and Sincere. They have a very Strong Sense of Purpose. These are, only to name a few - I could go on and the list would not end. And it is this respect that would cause me concern, if I crossed the line too far and made comments that hurt their sentiments. I have made these comments only with the Strong Confidence that my Americans friends, being the way they are, will surely go down to the bottom of the truth on this. And they would not let me off if I was wrong, and not reprimand me if I was right.

However, in this connection, I should bring something else to light too. I have always seen that my American friends have always been one with me on issues such as these, and they have vehemently opposed the idea of exhibition of human nudity in public, whether in part or in full. And that is another reason that had prompted me to join this discussion. It might be because of their Catholic backgrounds, but then that is again a complete issue in itself, and I think I should refrain from making any comments on the Socio-Religious atmosphere in America, as I'm nowhere really near an expert on that.

Rather, I would like to have some lines from you on this, as I find you are quite capable of putting forward nicely balanced opinions.

I had tried to do the same, but have found that you have been better than me at it.

So I would be looking forward too your lines, if you can find some time for them.

In the meanwhile, You have a Good Time!


Summit Ensign.

TorontoVet said...

I appreciate all the discussion this post has generated. However, I will no longer be publishing comments under this post.

Anonymous said...

This text had the benefit to show me that there are people who write about a great nation without knowing much about them! Pliz add to your information otherwise people will laugh at u!