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Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Peaceful" protest on Bloor street in Toronto

Yesterday, while briefly leaving the Manulife Building, I had the grave misfortune of witnessing a pro-Gaza, "free-Palestine" protest, making its way east on Bloor street. I could not help but notice one of the large signs in the rally, held up by two people. On it was written: The Myth of 9/11: a pretext to war with Iraq... and something about World War III...
In shock, I thought that the only mystery of 9/11 was why these crackpots consider it a mystery. With overwhelming and unequivocal physical, photographic, and eye-witness pieces of evidence (oh, and don't forgot all of those people whose loved ones didn't come home that night - that's quite important), people actually consider the attacks on the Twin Towers a myth. More alarmingly, I witnessed the same signs paraded in New York City at random and very-busy street corners.
It drew outrage there, as it drew outrage in me here.
The inclusion of this conspiracy theory during the rally only served to undermine their main point (of which I am not a proponent). For more on conspiracy theories of 9/11 and hard evidence to refute them, click here.

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