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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yorkie gets carte blanche

In an underground mall in the heart of downtown Toronto, I witnessed something that infuriated me. A woman was walking her leashed Yorkie. Turning a corner in the hall, this woman allowed her dog to stop and urinate on the wall. In a public mall! I didn't even hear her say, "No" while he was peeing, or even make an attempt to let anyone know after the deed was done, in order to have it cleaned up. She continued on as if nothing had happened. It was painful to keep my mouth shut, but I did.
I normally find it enjoyable to see owners walking their dogs indoors there, but I was never privy to one excreting on the walls.
About a half hour after that occurrence, I was sitting at a table enjoying a coffee when I heard the yipping of a small dog. Guess who? That's right: the same dog. An owner that allows their dog to behave in this fashion is not only providing a disservice to the public, but very importantly is not being a leader to her pet, who desperately needs leadership (and good manners). That poor little dog's owner deserves a spanking.

A normal place for a dog to urinate


Mel said...

Well, it's a little dog, so why would anyone need to train it, right?

Yeah, some people really, really need a good beating.

Laurel said...

And this is why even the best canine citizens aren't allowed in most malls. Heaven forfend Ms. Entitlement should have kids.

Marie said...

I had a similar experience not long ago and did some thinking on the subject. I think next time you should say something. If for no other reason than maybe next time she will rethink her idiocy of doing that so publicly. If we see a wrong and don't speak up aren't we just as guilty? Just a thought. Besides, why should we let those people ruin it for the rest of us?

TorontoVet said...


You are so right. I typically have a big mouth and almost invariably say something. For some reason, I just let it go. In this case, it seems the only one who lost out was the dog (and the janitor who had to clean the urine off the wall). Thanks for the good advice.

Brent said...

Thinks irks me so. My little miniature schnauzer and I used to go to the Eaton's center all the time when he was still little enough to be in a bag.
It was great fun shopping with him, but I still got some really bad stares - maybe because of people like this?
This is my first dog and I was quite alarmed when the security guard told me tha I couldn't walk him. "but why, he's well trained", was my retort. I mean my baby is cleaner than a lot of people walking through.
Now I know why.
People like her should be fined or the dog taken away

kaps said...

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