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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Canine Café?

Ok, you may have heard of a few places like this, and if not, you can take the idea and make a mint. Or not. This post is to get the opinion of the readers. Would a Canine Café work in Toronto? Here's the concept: a place, or restaurant, only for dogs. Well their owners would be welcome as well. Owners would be given a menu with many choices of meals for their dogs. Specific dietary needs, special requirements, food sensitivities, and allergies to specific foods would be noted. A meal would be brought to the dogs, possibly as 1) appetizers, 2) a main course, and 3) desert (this part is easy).
What do you think? Ok, I'll partly answer that. Am I crazy for even fathoming this idea?! Would the Canine Café not cater to eccentric pet owners, those pet owners who put their dogs in purses and strollers (see previous post on this matter)? What a hypocrite I would be. Slam the behaviour and then contribute to it for a buck (or more)! Sell my soul for money... that is so NOT me!
But imagine what a hoot it would be! (Ideally) A place teeming with happy dogs, happy people, and satisfying the basic needs of a pet in a healthy, original, and (hopefully) lucrative way. I need some feedback: would you take your dog to such a place?

Ok, is this normal?


Mel said...

I'd be too afraid that the clientele would be the sort of people that drive me nuts - eccentric and then some. That and the fact that it would only be a matter of time before a fight broke out because some over-indulgent nutjob brought in an untrained pet because a little discipline would "break his spirit" or some such crap. And then you as the business owner would end up with a liability issue. Not that it couldn't happen in a vet clinic, but I think a boutique café with signs reading, "All dogs must be leashed," wouldn't go over as well.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be pretty awesome to see a bunch of dogs being treated to a meal...although every meal for a dog is a treat to them. Shandy, and probably many other little dogs with the little dog inferiority complex, might have to be banned because of the crazy fuss she would cause. Maybe I'm crazy, but if I had a halfway civilized dog, it would be awesome.

- Gaya

Dr. Patty Khuly said...

Nope. Not normal. But who ever said a Brussels Griffon had any claim to normalcy?

Anonymous said...

Well speaking purely as a publicist, I think the media would eat it up with a spoon, and depending on when you opened it could be tied into one of the annual dog lover events that take place in Toronto. If you need any help with the p.r. (free of charge) you have my cell number.
Meg McAllister

TorontoVet said...


You're wonderful. What else can I say?!

James said...

Well, if doggies can poop together in doggie parks why not have them eat together in canine cafés? It completes the cycle, no? That way, at the doggie park, canines can talk about the meals they had at the café and how much healthier they feel! And I think Brian on Family Guy would love it, as long as martinis were also available. Need I say more? Love the idea.

gps said...

Hey! I have thought on and off about this idea for years now. I personally think it COULD work - but would depend on area and health regulations... an architect friend of mine had an Aunt that wanted to do this in Montreal but ran into some snags... I hope you are well. Zeus misses you!!!


TorontoVet said...


Would love to talk more with you. Feel free (anyone) to e-mail me at
I miss all of you, too. Thanks for posting a comment here.
Hope to hear from you.

musterz said...

That would be an excellent idea, after all even in economic hard times people want to spoil their pets. I'm going to have to write this idea in my business ideas notebook for possible future use! (Of course the concept of horribly untrained snappy terrors and their overindulgent owners makes me cringe, but money can make that feeling go away.) :)