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Friday, April 25, 2008

More painting

Now that I'm idle, I've been spending much time painting - one of my true joys.
(Addendum Dec 23/08: image was changed to a recently completed piece).

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A spot diagnosis

Have you walked down the street, noticed a person or dog with a limp, skin condition, or other visually-obvious ailment and wondered: what is that disease? No? Well, I do it all the time. And so do many of my friends, especially those who are MDs.
Is that person afflicted with alopecia areata or universalis? Oh, that dog is limping.... is it the right or left front... hmm, let me see, oh, it's the left, no right front limb, definitely the right front (I wonder if the owners think it's the left front). Could it be an injury? Osteoarthritis? Post-op? OCD?
And the occasional dog wearing an Elizabethan collar (cone): was she just spayed? Maybe she swallowed a sock and just had exploratory surgery? Maybe much simpler: a small skin wound that she shouldn't lick?
Across the street I see an older miniature poodle with a large, pendulous abdomen, symmetrical hair loss along the back - it's gotta be Cushing's. Definitely. Do the owners know? Was the dog diagnosed? Treated?

I'm always tempted to talk to these pet owners, but decide against it. I'm sure they know what's going on...
Or maybe not?!

The person riding the motorized wheelchair, doing 30 km/hr down Queen street in Leslieville, morbidly obese, and smoking: What's your spot diagnosis?

Not a poodle, but definitely Cushing's.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Watteau: a drawing Master

I found this drawing on the official website for the Louvre. It is by Antoine Watteau, a French painter born in the late 17th century. Nowhere in the Wikipedia entry for the artist, could I find any references to his drawings. He is a Master at drawing. The three-dimensionality of the subjects rendered in this two-dimensional drawing is astonishing. It appears that only three colours of charcoal or conté are used: black, sienna, and white. Perhaps an expert can tell us more.

I love this drawing (click on the image to enlarge it for more detail).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting antsy

I've been off work for the past seven weeks and am beginning to feel antsy to get back to it. It's amazing, and quite sad actually, that we become defined by what we do and not what we are. Despite the absurdity of it, I certainly feel an element of uselessness and idleness, that I consciously think I should not feel.
I have never been off work for more than two weeks at a time in the last decade or so. I have held two jobs each for decent lengths of time. Why is it that I am feeling so antsy about getting back to work? I am trying hard, and with a moderate degree of difficulty, to take a BIG step back and just allow what is actually me to shine through. Part of that is doing, but I think mostly it involves just being.

Oh my goodness, I've gone all zen...