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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Watteau: a drawing Master

I found this drawing on the official website for the Louvre. It is by Antoine Watteau, a French painter born in the late 17th century. Nowhere in the Wikipedia entry for the artist, could I find any references to his drawings. He is a Master at drawing. The three-dimensionality of the subjects rendered in this two-dimensional drawing is astonishing. It appears that only three colours of charcoal or conté are used: black, sienna, and white. Perhaps an expert can tell us more.

I love this drawing (click on the image to enlarge it for more detail).


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James said...

Hey cutie,
Check out the Grove Art Online dictionary, which is a handy source for all kinds of things surrounding art. Here is the link to Watteau's working methods and technique that includes reference to his exceptional drawing skills:

TorontoVet said...

I knew an expert would chime in. Thank you very much, James!