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Monday, June 9, 2008

Dogs aren't laptops... anywhere.

A California lawmaker introduced a bill that would prevent citizens from driving with their dogs on their laps. He says pets distract motorists and puts them, and passengers, at risk. Absolutely true. Very importantly, this is also a risk for the dogs. With windows rolled all the way down, these dogs now have it much easier to jump out.... and many do. Imagine losing a dog on the highway because you had your dog on your lap with the window down too low. I've seen such cases so many times and once, right in front of me. The dog was unharmed because the car was moving so slowly, but still....

If you don't want your dog, or you, to look like this, don't drive with your dog on your lap and keep the windows at a level where the dogs cannot jump out.


Mel said...

My little frenchie is the first dog I've had a seatbelt & harness for, but I think they're also a very good idea, particularly since I've treated my fair share of dogs thrown from vehicles or otherwise seriously injured in car accidents (not to mention knowing firsthand what it feels like to be in a bad wreck.)

Poncho & Pepsi ♥ our Vet! said...

Speaking of accidents and losing your best friend(s), that just brought to mind the reality of Poncho (13) and Pepsi (11) getting older. In the next couple of years I'm probably going to lose one of them. Even thinking about it gets me emotional. I just know I'm going to be a wreck! There must be some guidance you can offer in preparation for an event like this. And when it does happen, is there somewhere to go for help?

Flávia said...

My Kadu Little (Teckel) is a jump-dog...humpf! Another day he jump off my car, but I was driving so slowly, and thanks God, nothing happens with him. Living and Learning... ;)