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Friday, June 13, 2008

Grieving pet owners

A comment on a previous post prompted me to do some research on the services available for grieving pet owners. Losing a loving, devoted companion can be devastating. One must remember that grieving for a pet is normal, and likely necessary for most people.
It is imperative that pet owners who have lost a pet not lay blame on themselves, or others. Part of the grieving process is accepting the death process (whether natural, through illness, or accident), to know that the pet has brought immeasurable and irreplaceable joy to one's life. Once the grieving is over, one must pick up, move on, and thereafter always have but joyous memories of the pet that we loved so much. I'm getting teary-eyed already!
Please click here to read more about services available for grieving pet owners.
You are not alone: know that at some point in our lives, we will all likely become a grieving pet owner.

Isaac, one of my cats. I love this guy. Thanks to Ron Findlay for the fantastic photo.


Gaya said...

Shandy has just been diagnosed with Cushing's, Diabetes and kidney disease. I'm very concerned with the kidney disease. What does this usually mean for a dog? I know that the abnormal results don't show up until 70-75% damage has been donet to the kidneys...her values aren't far above the norm, just slightly, but it's obviously a serious problem. Is diet the only thing that can be adjusted? I expected the Cushing's, and even the Diabetes, but not the kidney problem. Hate to bother you with this, but I just feel a little lost.
-- Gaya

TorontoVet said...


I'm very sorry to hear this. It sounds like her elevations in kidney values are PRE-renal as opposed to renal. Both Cushing's and diabetes can both decrease urine specific gravity, so the mildly elevated (I'd need to know actual numbers) and likely low urine specific gravity may NOT necessarily mean decreased kidney function.
However, renal insufficiency is still certainly a possibility. Her Cushing's and diabetes both need to be treated and then her renal values reassessed. It may take some control before we see the numbers drop (if her kidneys are indeed ok).
Consider the "newer" drug trilostane for her Cushing's and insulin for her diabetes. Her insulin requirements may decrease as her Cushing's is treated.
A blood pressure check is recommended in all Cushing's patients as they often have high blood pressure (hypertension).
Continue to e-mail me at: for any other concerns.

Try not to wait too long before you start treating her. Good luck and say hi to Shandy for me.

stary vet said...

Nice to meet you.
It is nice blog!
Veterinaria in Japan.

TorontoVet said...

Domo arigato!
Thank you for the comment.

François said...

Yes, really a good photo !