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Sunday, September 21, 2008


After hearing an interview on National Public Radio (NPR), I immediately became a supporter of T. Boone Pickens. Though this tycoon man made most of his money in oil, he is now a staunch supporter, or rather leader, in the promotion and use of alternative and renewable energy sources. The gist of his plan is simple: stop using oil, start using wind power, solar power, and natural gas. It is imperative that the planet be weaned from the teats of the oil pits. Read about his plan here. While his focus appears to be on the US, it is evident that his wishes transcend North American and global borders. Please read more about the PickensPlan and sign up today. Follow link above.

Beautiful and functional. How cool is this?

1 comment:

Mel said...

Joined. It's my personal goal to have my house running primarily on wind within the next 15-20 years. Currently we're paying for locally-produced hydro, but I'd love to be off the grid as much as possible. Maine has enough capacity for wind, hydro and tidal generation that we could probably be completely energy-independent if the political will were there to develop it.