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Friday, September 19, 2008

"You must really love animals"...

is something I hear almost every day from clients. "What a happy/pleasant job you have." is also one I hear quite frequently.
Being a vet is more than just being able to get my face licked off by adorable puppies every day. While I love when this happens, it certainly does not occur frequently enough to call the profession "cute" or even "pleasant."
Being a vet is an enormously difficult, and oft-times a grueling job. Attempting to reach a diagnosis on patients who can't speak, long hours, dealing with unreasonable clients, can all make this job very challenging, sometimes frustrating, and emotionally draining. Being a vet is not easy, far from it.
These are things I did not learn in school. There were no classes that taught me how to deal with grieving clients, no classes called "profound grief 101", and no lessons to deal with demanding and unreasonable clients. These are all things I had to learn on the job. And boy, did I learn them. I must say without tooting my own horn, that these are the "classes" in which I got an "A+". I did get a few "Fs" along the way though.

Despite all of this, there are sufficient puppies, kittens, great clients, happy and proud moments, that make being a vet extremely rewarding. I try to focus on this aspect of the profession.

Cute. Definitely.

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Tine Berge said...

I really agree in your statements! Vet from Norway