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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goodbye NYC

Dr. Cliff is pleased to announce his return to Toronto within the next few months. He looks forward to providing quality veterinary care as a locum/per diem veterinarian in and around the downtown area.
(addendum December 6, 2008: departure date is set for the end of December)


Catherine said...

Oh, how fabulous for Toronto kitties and dogs!!! Please, please let us know when you're back and where you will be.
This is like an early Christmas present!!

dianemarie123 said...

Sounds like it wasn't what you expected...I'm sorry.

Antonia Z said...

Got me another reskie eskie, this one is from hell, who is dying to meet you!

TorontoVet said...

Thanks, ladies. I'm excited about returning, even to meet Antonia's rescue Eskimo!
Diane, thanks but don't be sorry. Rarely is life what we expect. Living and working here in NYC has been a fantastic experience. I would not trade it for anything. I am also a little sad to leave...