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Friday, December 26, 2008

Cold weather

By now, those who know me are aware that I'm not into dressing up dogs. That said, exercising your dog every day is of utmost importance, even if it means taking her outside when you have no desire to feel the blustering cold on your exposed cheeks. Some dog breeds don't have the fat or coat to handle freezing temperatures and so should be "clothed" appropriately. The sauntering Saluki sporting a winter coat in my neighborhood the other day had no qualms about the feet of snow underneath her snow-coloured feet. Her elegant trot was testimony to her comfort outside. I had no qualms about her wearing a camouflage-style (though she stood out like a performing clown at a bar-mitzvah) winter jacket in the sub-zero temperature that day. She was not sporting booties, but they would not have shocked me either, though typically I find them unnecessary (unless the streets/sidewalks are full of salt or ice or other potentially paw-damaging obstacles).

The Akita and Samoyed do not require winter-wear. The Greyhound and other sighthounds, yes indeed. The smaller dogs will lose heat more rapidly due to their relatively larger surface area-to-volume ratio. So you can certainly clothe the little guys, though some Shih Tzus (one of the ancient breeds - see previous post below) have such thick coats, it is difficult to imagine them as not being "made" for the snow.

The Saluki: breathtaking... Take a good look: a coat in the winter?


Mortimer Lang said...

good luck with your move back to toronto

TorontoVet said...

Thank you, Mortimer. I'm home, safe and sound.