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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Warm Welcome

I left NYC on a high. A super high. It was a spectacularly good time. Yes, it was difficult at the beginning as I was lonely and stressed. Soon afterward, however, I quickly got used to work, made close friends, and started enjoying myself.
I'm home because I don't want to make my life in NYC. I knew from the beginning that I would return to Canada, and it is here where I feel the most comfortable.
From the day of my arrival, I have been welcomed warmly. I wanted to thank all those who have greeted me with such warmth and enthusiasm. I have returned for you - you know who you are. I hope to meet all of you and be of help with your veterinary needs.

-Dr. Cliff

1 comment:

Ameene S said...

Not sure where you are, but glad you're back, Cliff! Hope you don't mind me linking my blog to yours (not that it will generate much traffic, but meh - I had to!)