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Sunday, February 8, 2009


is less closely related to this

than this is


Now guess the breeds... Ok, here's a hint, but apparently there's some debate as to the breed depicted here - confused?


GoLightly said...

Phaoroah Hound?
can't spell it?
Nope, really can't spell it.
probably wrong, anywho..

Mel said...

Heh. Who am I to ruin other people's fun by giving away the answer?

Maggie said...

Pharaoh hound, wolf, shih tzu, wolf, and (after doing some research) it must be a basenji on the carvings, as pharaoh hounds are from Malta, not Egypt, and basenjis originated in Africa, if not Egypt.

Thanks for the education!

Kristen said...

I believe the first one is a Pharoah Hound and the second is a Shih Tzu. :)

TorontoVet said...

The hieroglyph or image on this stele gives it away: the first is a Pharaoh Hound. However, there appears to be debate on the actual breed depicted in ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh Hound comes from Malta, though some web sites (erroneously?) describe its existence in ancient Egypt.
There seems to be more consensus on the Basenji or the Ibizan Hound as those breeds that possibly accompanied Kha-fra (around 2500 BC) and Cleopatra (around 50 BC).
The wolf is obvious. The other is a shih tzu puppy.
Thanks everyone!