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Monday, February 23, 2009

In West Palm Beach

I've just returned from Florida where I completed the second of three courses leading to a certificate in canine rehabilitation therapy (see previous post on canine rehab). Canine rehabilitation uses different modalities (like ultrasound, laser, stretching, manipulations, and various exercises) to physically rehabilitate dogs with various musculoskeletal disorders, those recovering from surgery, obese animals, or to increase performance in working dogs. The course was taught by a spectacularly entertaining instructor: Laurie Edge-Hughes, a physiotherapist (physical therapist for those in the US), certified in canine rehab, with a Master's degree in animal science from the University of Queensland, Australia. She runs a successful rehab practice in Calgary, Alberta.

Most of what we learned was fundamental to recognizing and diagnosing musculoskeletal, neurological, and joint disorders in dogs. However, we barely touched on these concepts in veterinary school, at least not ten years ago.

With renewed passion, I launch myself into this relatively new and exciting field.

Not using it to its full potential but a start nonetheless...

1 comment:

Y.L.G. said...

Hi Dr. Cliff!
Congratulations - that is great news and hope you had some r&r while you were there.
We had the good fortune to experience rehabilitation using the underwater treadmill with our dog Chelsey and it made all the difference.
Best of luck with your third and final course.