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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Killing stray dogs

What is there to do when dogs attack civilians in a country without adequate resources? Police and veterinarians are killing stray dogs in Baghdad as there are too many strays to save and many are extremely aggressive towards people, often attacking them.
There is no mention in the CNN article of the SPCA International proposing how veterinarians in Baghdad would implement mobile spay and neuter clinics. Perhaps they can propose and pay for novel and painless ways to have some of these dogs euthanized instead of having them shot. Since these dogs are not dying instantly, they must be experiencing some moments of pain and sheer terror. I think using tranquilizer guns would be the least traumatic and painless for these dogs. Once tranquilized, the dogs can easily, safely, and painlessly, be euthanized. How much more would tranquilizer guns cost than shotguns?

The lives of people trump those of feral, aggressive dogs, but the manner in which this cull is being executed is completely unacceptable.

Appropriate tool to perform euthanasia?


Mel said...

In many places in India, when the street dog population gets too big, municipal officials will put out strychnine to kill them off (Not sure if you've ever seen a strychnine case, but they're as ugly as one might imagine). So in 13 days, I'm off to do spay/neuter/vaccination work in a little town in the Himalayan foothills to try to keep that from happening in at least one place.

GoLightly said...

They're culling dogs in our north country, too, doc.
Better than a slow death by starvation, I guess.
I guess. Sad times for over-population.

My Husband's GSD survived strychnine.

Mel. Kudos.