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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A dog in a wheelchair

Today on 1010 AM, CFRB, John Moore was commenting on a story he heard about, in which a 3 year-old, paralyzed dog was in a wheelchair, and whose owners had to "squeeze" him several times daily in order for the dog to urinate. The host commented that he would not be willing to devote so much time and energy to a paralyzed dog and would have had him euthanized instead.
Many callers phoned in to convey sympathy and understanding for these owners' willingness to do so much for their beloved pet.
Firstly, I am not condemning this man. I believe he is neither heartless nor callous. Some people simply would not be able to do these things, whether constrained by money, time, energy, whatever. I would never judge. For something I believe as innocuous and simple as giving my cat insulin twice daily, may be just too much for some pet owners. The extent of what people are willing to do for their pets depends on many factors. What's good for one may not be good for another.
In this case, it appears the owners realized that their pet is 3 (and not 13), has a whole life ahead of him, and do not seem burdened by the care that is required to sustain their pet.
If pet owners in a similar situation, however, are negatively impacted either physically and/or mentally, their health and lives cannot be trumped by those of the pet.

How beautiful is this? I see no suffering here...


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Good post. Most people judge others by comparing what the person has done to their own belief system. (I'm guilty of this myself) Thanks for reminding me and your other readers of this!


Anonymous said...

this dogs name is Tiffy, i was the one that provided the wheelchair for this special dog. She was at the THS for 8 months slithering around with no one to take care of her. An amazing woman felt for this dog, took her home to spend her last 'months' with a real home. she contacted me for a loaner wheelchair, which i happily gave her, and Tiffy spent 3 great months running down at the beaches and playing with other dogs. She finally sucummbed to her illness "degenerative myelopath" but was able to have a terrific end to her life.....These dogs in wheelchairs can really teach us alot.


NRG said...

Do you have any opinion on dog wheelchair brands? I need to get one urgently for my dog, to make the last months of his life more comfortable. I'm trying to assess the best options, but there are a lot of them!

any guidance you can provide would be appreciated

TorontoVet said...

Sorry about the delay and thanks for the post.
I don't know of any companies off-hand, however your local referral practice should be able to provide you with a name, especially if there's a neurologist on staff.
Take care!