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Thursday, April 23, 2009


"Guppy," 48 inches X 36 inches, acrylic and mixed media on wood panel.
Not vet stuff, sorry.


GoLightly said...

Wow, that's a cool one. I'm not much of an abstractionist..
I like this one better:)

I liked the other one too!

Jeesh, ya gotta be so careful talking to artists:)

It's HUGE, too!

Nicely dun said...

Oh that's really nice
Looks like acrylic works well on wood, do you use a base coat or anything? like a gesso?

Haven't painted on wood before...

TorontoVet said...

GL and ND, thank you! I am not so sensitive about my work so no worries - you can always be honest with me!
Yes, I use a base coat of white acrylic as a gesso, but you can use any colour or "real" gesso. I have not painted on wood until now and I love it!

Mortimer Lang said...

Whoa! This is sensational - I didn't realise you paint - I'll have to comb through some of your back entries for more of your works. All the best for Friday's opening.

GuppyBreeder said...

beautiful !!!!! me gustaria tenerlo...saludos de Perú - Lima