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Friday, April 3, 2009

Dog Portraits

By now, most know me as a guy who is not into eccentric "doggie culture." That said, the leftopath Toronto Star recently ran an article on pet portraits. Far from cheesy, these pieces of art demonstrate incredible talent. Beautiful and original, they really capture some personality and charm. Here are some examples.

A Katie Sonnichsen portrait. Fantastic.

Paul Boddum's work. Apparently, this is his dog. What incredible talent!


Mel said...

David commissioned a portrait of Tuck for me from our next door neighbour as a 40th b'day present. Or maybe she offered to do it as a late wedding gift. Anyway, it's being done in 19th century portraiture style, so less avant garde, but still quite, um, fetching.

Paul said...

Thank you for mentioning my portrait of Noah. Yes in fact he is my beautiful dog:)

GoLightly said...

My kid sister is a wonderful photographer. An artist with her film, IMO, and oh yeah, totally biased.
Love those portraits, too.

My sister is annoyingly Mac driven, like most artists. I'm afraid I'm PC.
(aka Bill Gates way)

Here's a portrait my artist friend did,of my number one red dog.

I sure wish I could draw, anything:)
Well, I do CorelDraw.
Not the same, is it?
Hand to canvas, how do you do that??

出張ホスト said...