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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Horner's syndrome

.... revisited, again, for the third time. Not that I'm complaining or anything, it seems Horner's is quite common. With over 70 million dogs in the US and 4 million in Canada, I would imagine that a significant number have been afflicted with Horner's syndrome at some point in their life. Have you heard of this syndrome? Has your dog or cat (or you) had Horner's? If so, tell me about it. Any questions? I'll try to help you out the best I can.
PS: See my post "Iranian kisses woman's breast," and the comments. By golly, I've been branded a racist.

A woman with Horner's syndrome (see previous two posts for photos of cat with Horner's).
Addendum: The eyes of two different colors, called heterochromia, is NOT part of Horner's syndrome. Note the small pupil and droopy eyelids. In cats and dogs, we'd also see the 3rd eyelid protruding. A sunken eyeball is often a subtler sign of Horner's.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

That's really interesting! Thanks for sharing. I've not run into it (or if I have, I've not been aware of it)


Nibbles Treats said...

Thanks for the info. Nice blog - glad I found you. My 15 year old daughter is planning on becoming a vet also. You are great reading for her.

Amber-Mae said...

How kool! I would love to have one eye that is different in color than the other! I think it's unique!

Solid Gold Dancer

Angus said...

Never heard of it in Europe - will check with the vet to see if it's called the same thing here

TorontoVet said...

Thanks, Nibbles. I hope she and you keep reading. Amber, Horner's is not cool to have. It's not the different color eyes that is Horner's - my fault for choosing this photo. The Horner's is subtler if you're not used to it. In the photo I put up, it is the tiny pupil and droopy upper eyelid that make up Horner's in this patient.
Having eyes of different color, like David Bowie, is pretty cool (and does not occur from disease)!
Angus, the term Horner's syndrome is ubiquitous. It is called Horner's everywhere. Thanks for reading!

Michelle said...

When I was a camp counsellor one of the kids at camp had two different coloured eyes.

I enjoy reading your blog. I'm constantly at vets with my dog and it's nice to hear about vet experiences from the other 'end' so to speak.

mysharona said...

the different coloured eyes IS from Horners Syndrome by the way, I have it and have one green-hazel eye and one browner. It is a symptom of congenital horners syndrome. I hope that's helpful!