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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More "Dog Whispering"

At my favorite neighborhood café, I kindly asked two young ladies if I could give them a short training lesson, after their dominant Chihuahua became aggressive when I introduced myself to him. It seemed he had a combination of dominance, fear, and territorial aggression. After the dog bit my fist (which I made so that fingers would be spared), I quickly put my left index finger around his tiny collar, and constrained him on my lap in this painless manner. After expressing his stinky anal glands and urinating all over me, I used my right hand to gently correct him until he was calm and submissive.
The two young ladies were very pleased. I made sure the dog could not see his owners (both sitting to my right), and would allow him to see them only once he was calm. He did not dare show me his teeth, growl, or bite afterward.
After his owners told me that this tough, little guy showed aggression towards larger dogs, I had another dog owner walk by a few times with both of her tail-wagging black Labs, as I held the little guy on the ground. The Labs very kindly introduced themselves to the Chihuahua, with barely a peep from the latter. We did this about a half dozen times.
This was the first time his owners could remember that he did not lunge or bark at the larger dogs. I insisted, rather drilled it into them, that these corrections must continue with them, lest his aggressive behaviour persist. I hope the bite on my knuckle and ensuing sepsis were not in vain.

An absolutely adorable Chihuahua.


Y.L.G. said...

Months ago I wrote a missive to you in which I was trying to give you a "pep talk" and now realized (after reading it again) that I think I inadvertently insulted you. You replied “I still love the pets and the clients." Please accept my heartfelt apology as I did not mean to imply that you didn’t - I am so terribly sorry. I should re-read what I write more carefully.

However I smiled when reading your post today; a skilled and yes caring veterinarian (that everyone wants for their own), a gifted artist, and now a dog trainer (excuse me, Dog Whisperer)

My golden is 14 months old and still cannot walk properly on a leash - when can I make an appointment?

P.S. Love the new creative design of your blog!

Ah...Cesar Millan - you've got competition now. Make way for the New Dog
Whisperer (Silly Dog Whisperer who better get a tetanus shot!):)

GoLightly said...

Good job, Toronto Vet.
We need many more calm, assertive dog trainers out there.

The ones I found were um, not so.

yeah, really, a vet, an artist, and a chihuahua tamer.

That's what I call multi-talented!

YLG, puppies take time. Leashes are tough.
Goldens take more time.
I remember watching Cesar get frustrated, for the first time I'd seen him, working with two lovable, friendly young goldens.
They are far too busy loving you to listen to you.
It's in their nature:)

14 months is still a puppy.

TOvet, I forgot to comment on Horner's. I always thought, seeing cats like that, they'd had an injury.
It's genetic?

Nibbles Treats said...

Nice job. Thank goodness all of my dogs are friendly, even though two of them are little guys. Like Y.L.G., my larger dog still cannot walk properly on her leash. She wants to pull. Suggestions?

TorontoVet said...

Hi, to the last person who commented here (re: Dodo), I erased your comment by mistake instead of publishing it! My apologies. I hope you repost.

Foster mum said...

apology accepted!
but do you think i can remember what I posted? not!

so here is something else.
I have fostered 2 dogs for Dog Guides of Canada (one had the "strangles") and am SO EAGERLY awaiting our 3rd on May 22nd.
We are like new parents -totally clued out for the first one.
"OK" for the 2nd and now this one>>>> I CAN DO IT! this boy will NOT pull on the leash. I can now do "calm,assertive" so well even with little dogs in my neighbourhood. I wait until they sit and calm down, the ears settle back and low and then I will walk-
if there is pulling, it is a sit, and calm again.REPEAT REPEAT..... have been walking a neighbours (for free)4 year old "doodlything" ! and this boy knows whner I have switched from "leisure/sniff walk" to a "work walk" his attention on me is remarkable and he is a better pup for it. & I am a better person.
yes "Dodo" the sweet "whoawhoa" (!)was the first wee dog I ever met(and hope to meet again) and actually wasn't afraid of!
Final line- owners make the difference no matter what the breed -WE creat their mood, calmness and attitude. We are their leaders, they follow.
oh and checlk out tody's post on
Life with dogs. you will cry.
have a great w/e all

Foster mum said...

Here the URL

see photos that follow the first one