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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pet Shop Boys and PETA

Last week, it was reported that PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, had asked the famed 80s British pop band, The Pet Shop Boys, if they would change their name to "The Rescue Shelter Boys."
Why not "The Vegan Tofu Granola-Crunchy Boys," or the "I forgot that I'm a Human Living on Planet Earth Boys?"
PETA, land your UFO back on solid ground and get the heck back to Earth.
Temple Grandin, who has revolutionized the way animals are lead to slaughter, eats meat - have the nutbars at PETA boycotted her books??

In addition to many of their other shenanigans, PETA are seeking to have the word fish changed to sea-kitten. This way, it seems, we would be less likely to consume something called a sea-kitten. The only problem with this is that all the PET SHOPS would have sea-kittens flopping around in their front windows. Nothing cute about that....


GoLightly said...

Yeah, no kidding.
It makes me feel so silly to be well, not "for" their acronym.
Because I think I am a people for the ethical treatment of animals.

I cannot figure out what they are for, other than emotions and money. They've used Temple's work, but they haven't really "gotten" what she's saying.


Mortimer Lang said...

but y'know, i have to give it to them: they really know how to keep themselves and their issues in the limelight. and that's half the battle won.... in a way.

OldMorgans said...

PETA continues to drive away realistic folks and cater to the wing-nut fringe. But the sad thing is that some realistic people still have not seen the light about PETA.
going off to pet my cats--are they land cats?

TorontoVet said...

Very recently I learned that the founder of PETA has included in her will the wish to have some of her flesh barbecued to draw a parallel between consuming human and animal flesh.
In my eyes, PETA's light has long ago been extinguished.