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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Polo horses drop dead

It appears a pharmacy's mixing error is to blame for the death of 21 horses in Florida this week. Many of the horses started dropping like flies at a prestigious Polo Club in Palm Beach. Five horses not given a mixture of vitamins were the only ones that survived.
How utterly devastating. While this does not appear to be a deliberate intoxication of the animals, it is nonetheless heart-wrenching.
If I can digress: I'd rather see a horse running free in a field than chasing a ball in one.

I'm ok with this.


GoLightly said...

Yes, I for one, don't understand why needling horses is such a national pastime for SOME.

OldMorgans said...

This entire thing has been interesting. Does Vit B12 & selenium actually help the horses recover from strenuous ? Or is that just another drug fad of the year.

TorontoVet said...


Sorry, I don't know, I haven't worked with horses since vet school, in 2000. Maybe someone else will chime in.