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Monday, May 18, 2009

Carrying your dog around

I've blogged about this before: how inappropriate it is to conduct your day with your dog in a purse or other semi-capacious item not normally used to tote living things.
How it has come to incense me so, I do not know, but that I feel sorry for the dogs is clear.
Humans had it right millenia ago. Their behavior towards humans has changed little since then, while ours towards them has inexorably led to the very many doggie behavioral issues that need to be eschewed from the development of our intimate human-canine relationships.
I will continue to bring this topic up, as I would like to drill it into the minds of as many people as possible, in an effort for all of us to achieve the healthiest human-canine bond possible.
It's work, but well worth it!

The skull of what may be the earliest known dog, which dates to 31,700 years ago. The prehistoric skull was excavated at Goyet Cave in Belgium ( photo: Mietje Germonpre).


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Thank you for posting this! Great article.


Antonia Z said...


Sunday on the Danforth, this idiot carrying some kind of Pom-Papillion cross in his arms came up to Jericho, who was sitting quietly beside me outside a store waiting for friend. The guy started cooing and ooo-ing at his dog, and asked it (without asking me) if he wanted to meet Jericho. before I had a moment to object, he placed his splayed dog on Jericho's head, so Jericho could, presumably, sniff his crotch. Needless to say, jericho was not very enthusiastic and gave a warning growl.
Well didn't this guy get all shrill and hysterical, screeching that my dog attacked his. Good thing this all happened right by a patio where many brunchers could act as witnesses.

martha said...


let them try it with a BIG dog!

43 hours until another Lab comes home with us (but who's counting?) ;)

TorontoVet said...


I cringed reading your comment. I would've told this histrionic, eccentric, dog owner where to go!

jazmine said...

It's sad how some people think of pets as accessories, toting along with them, inside their signatured bags. Dogs deserve more. If only they could speak...hey by the way, I just joined in this exciting Pup-peroni Sweepstakes Promo that gives me the chance to win $750 worth of prize package! It's so fun, you should try it, too!

GoLightly said...

Yeah, no kidding.

oopsum, whoopsums are four legged carnivores, fcs.

Poor little dogs.
They are NOT purses.

eeesh, I met a lady at Pet-Smart, holding her teacup poodle by the arm-pits as he struggled wildly. (He'd come in loose, with no collar or leash) I caught him for her, and showed her by example, how to carry him, UNTIL she bought a collar and leash.
He was caught after he'd whizzed and urinated all over everywhere...
I ran into her in the check-out line, dog still hanging by his armpits, thrashing, and finally had to thunder, "He's a Dog!! Not a stuffed toy!! Support his hind legs!!"

ooooh, people..

TorontoVet said...

Thanks, Jazmine! Will check it out.

Patrice said...

Great post. I learned from it.

Martha said...

you know what? GoLightly
I like that word "thunder"
and yes, I too will thunder at pocketpetpeople (when the opportunity is there)

TorontoVet I think the word for what you feel might be distain.
I think there is also displacement of feelings. you know confusion dog vs person & who has feelings.
(not you>>>THEM>>thepocketpetpeople)

now tomorrow, we are actually going to carry (SORRY) 6 week old pup into Petsmart as he is too little(vacination wise) to be on the floor.
We now have a 6 week window to introduce him to as many people,.places.smells,noise etc as possible. It is a small window to help create a balanced,steady,less nervous dog.

The new shops at Don Mills welcome dogs and as it is an outdoor shopping experience we will sit on a bench there so he can watch (and smell) everyone. and just get used to life.

LittleVet said...

I've heard this prehistoric skull was found in a mammoth skin handbag......

....for a more recent version check out my 'pug in a pram' under 'toy dogs'