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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Human rights

Unrelated to veterinary issues, I am ashamed by the most heinous violations committed by Russia against the gay community during a pride rally in Moscow. Activists were arrested during this peaceful rally, hours before the all-inclusive Eurovision finals were to take place (which was won in 1998 by Dana International, an Israeli transsexual). As GPOC writes on his blog: an attack on the liberties of one group is an attack against us all. Where are Toronto's lefty protests now? We must all decry Russia's devolution to barbarism.

It's 2009 and this is still occurring on this planet.


Angus said...

Well done for talking about this. The press here has been focusing on the Eurovision song contest that was happening in Moscow at the same time while ignoring the violence that was happening on the streets outside. I take my hat off to campaigners like Peter Tatchell who got beaten up and arrested by the Russian police for having the strength and bravery to fight for basic human rights.

LittleVet said...

People are often far more interested in animal rights than those of their fellow human beings. Your other posts about piglets and dogs in bags will probably have stimulated far more discussion than this one.

Entrance into vet-school is so competitive that most vets here in the UK are from middle class, fairly wealthy and very conservative backgrounds. It's nice to know there are others out there who care about more than the amount of tax they are having to pay!