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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cute AND tasty?

I could almost hear the collective "awwwwwwwww..." after the country learned of the piglet that wiggled its way from the confines of a transport truck onto the shiny asphalt of North America's busiest freeway, the 401, to then be saved by a good Samaritan who brought the pretty porcine to the THS. The piglet was examined by veterinarians there and will be treated for a broken leg.

Though admittedly adorable, I cannot but think of the piglet's fate, had it not fallen from the truck: it would have arrived at a pig farm, to grow and be fattened up over a few months or more, to then be slaughtered and used for our consumption, the beings so willing to wolf down menu items of pork chops, bacon, and pancetta, and yet with hearts so warm as to rescue this pre-fab menu item in order to alleviate its suffering. This story should be both heart-warming and also a reminder of the thousands, no, millions of adorable piglets and pigs being led to slaughter at this very moment.
Is this blatant hypocrisy or rather a more innocent manifestation of our contemporary human condition?

Humans eat pork products willingly. Our hearts also warm when seeing images such as this.


Maggie said...

I'm thinking more along the lines of ignorance is bliss. If you ignore your hypocrisy/guilt/whatever, it's much easier to go about your daily life.

While I'm a vegetarian because I couldn't ignore it in regards to killing animals for my food, I fully admit it's easier to go on using the same bath and beauty products I always have with no attention paid to whether the company tests on animals. I also stopped following a vegan diet because eating and enjoying cheese is easier and more pleasurable than remembering the horrors of the dairy industry.

GoLightly said...

No kidding, doc.

I do wonder at the logic.

I think we are so disconnected from our food.

Pigs have totally miserable lives, on factory farms.
They are so intelligent, and so physiologically similar to us.

Emily said...

I was completely ignorant, and force myself to look the otherway when I go to McDonalds. Otherwise I do not eat meat. I have no issue with using animals as food, I do have issues with the treatment they recieve, yet do not deserve, before they land on my plate.
Lucky pig!

SweetPea said...

I've raised my own pigs and beef cows. They were enjoyed both in life and in death... and I don't think that's being hypocritical.

They had a humane life and death... I think that is the key to this whole issue. If the conditions in which feeder animals were raised and killed were guaranteed to be humane, I think that this would be a much different discussion.

36 & Single

martha said...

well I'll make this simple-minded.
This is one cute piggie. He would make a real good cuddle.

The only meat i eat periodically is pork ribs and bacon.
Wonder if I will be able to anymore?

Fred said...

I was just roaming and stumbled on your blog and couldn't resist the piglet picture.

A friend and I were just talking over coffee about her mother who recently started raising four ducks on their hobby farm. The four ducks are more like pets. Well, actually they are pets and they'll never end up on anyone's dinner plate but a few weeks ago one of them hatched herself a bunch of ducklings and my friend's mother is not so enamored of the little ones. They run away from her, she says, and they're not friendly like their parents. So, she's thinking she'll have lots of roast duck this coming fall/winter.

Then a couple of weeks ago, her little nephew visits the farm and names one of the ducklings "Spot" for the three spots on its head. Now mom's still looking for duck recipes but not for Spot. Spot's just become a pet.

So, maybe that's the crossing line. Name it and it's yours for life and warms your soul. Don't name it and it becomes soup and warms your tummy.

TorontoVet said...

Excellent comments, everyone, thank you very much.
Fred, I love your story: eat it and it's not a problem. Name it, and it's the love of your life - how true!

mikofanclub said...

thanks for posting!
it's the old "if slaughterhouses had glass walls...."

Alex said...

My family has stopped eating for the most part.I still eat it when I know where it comes from--like a farmer I know that takes very good care of her animals.

I think it's sad how disconnected people are from their food. I was talking with a farmer/writer who was talking about someone she'd met. The farmer was explaining that we should support our farmers--especially the small ones. This person the farmer met(an adult), gives the farmer a dumbfounded look and says 'Why should I support farmers'. The farmer replies "Well you get your food from farmers, if there were no farmers you would starve." The person then tells the farmer 'No, I get my food from Cub'.

If people don't even know where their general groceries come from we can't really expect them to know what bacon really is. Also, I don't think that the majority of farm animals will be treated better until people come to that realization.

Well that was my long winded comment for today!