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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Training Tips

I knew Twitter was good for something: I would never have found this page with 12 excellent tips (I think they're essentially mandatory) every dog owner should follow.
Click here for an obedient dog.

Lookee the photo I found online.


GoLightly said...

Great post!

This should be required reading for all prospective dog owners...

Maybe a test, too.


martha said...

This is awesome! We are getting another pup next Friday and
I have just sent this to my spouse
as he is too lenient and wonders why they they don't "listen" to him
but do listen to me and our sons.
This pup will be GREAT!
I have just been DX with a herniated disc (lumbar) and so will need this new boy to listen quickly.

Chris McGrath said...

This is a great reminder of all the things that I (not the dog) have forgotten since training school. Rosie's been 'regressing' a bit lately... so this was a timely reminder!

Chris McGrath said...

This is a great reminder! Rosie has been 'regressing' lately, and this was a good reminder of all the things that I (not my dog) have forgotten since our early days at puppy training! Thanks!

retriever farm said...

have a question for you. Our 2 year old dog's OFA came back with stage one elbow dysplasia, so we are pulling him from our breeding program. My questions are what diets and nutricuticals do you reccommend? He is exhibiting no clinical signs this was a complete suprise to us. Also I have always been taught the positive effects of neutering, and that is all my vet preaches. I have been reading there can be some negative effects as well, what are your feelings on those.

TorontoVet said...


Really good questions. I reviewed the system the OFA uses to grade elbows. Grade 1 elbow dysplasia means that there is less than 3 mm of bony changes along the anconeal process of the ulna. I ask myself, "how clinically important is this?" as the dog isn't lame (for now - may never be).
Elbow "dysplasia" can be any one of three (some say four) developmental abnormalities within the elbow joint. Are the elbows of the rest of your dogs radiographically normal? Are they breeding? Perhaps you can have his elbows re-radiographed, or even scoped (arthroscopy) in a year or two before removing him from the breeding program? (The OFA and CKC or AKC may have more info on this - check with them first.)
If he's eating a high-quality food, I would likely not change his diet but add a glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplement to his daily regimen (Cosequin or other VET-purchased product - nothing for humans).
The neutering issue is a great question but I don't have the answer - nobody does yet.
I believe, that if there are negative health effects to neutering, they would manifest more often or only when the dog is neutered early. After two years of age, the dog has done all of its growing. Besides a possible tendency towards obesity after neutering, I don't predict any health-related issues. We are waiting for some long-term studies to help answer precisely what you are asking.
Best of luck and thanks for the great questions!