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Sunday, May 10, 2009


I joined Twitter yesterday in order to boost readership of this blog. I have many great followers and readers (for which I am grateful), but I would love to reach out to more people out there in the blogosphere. Is it egotistical to want this? To want thousands and thousands of people following what I have to say? My training as a vet has helped bring me to this: a practitioner, a blogger... someone who is opinionated and isn't afraid to share it.
By joining this ultra-popular networking site, I, too, have been introduced to some spectacularly interesting blogs - there are some darn incredible writers out there!
My quirkiness notwithstanding, there are important things to bring to the forefront and I hope that this blog, my writing, my opinions, will evolve towards something more important, more intelligent, and of course, remain relevant to all of us.



SweetPea said...

Twitter still bewilders me :) Good luck with that!!

36 & Single

Angus said...

Hope you don't mind but I mentioned your blog in my morning post todayas being really helpful - the vaccine post was right on. If there's a problem I'll remove the link.

GoLightly said...

Yeah, honestly?

I'm trying to be less connected:)
Had dinner with my "kid" sister on the weekend, hadn't seen her in a month. She stared at her little black box, until I demanded "real" face time.
I am a twit, when it comes to twitter.
betcha I couldn't keep my messages short enough anyway.

GoLightly said...

Let me put it this way.

To Twit, don't you need a little black thingy-dingy? An "I-plod" somet'ing or other? BlackFruit?
I don't have one. Don't much want one.
I have a hard enough time with my little tiny old cell-phone;)

TorontoVet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TorontoVet said...

Angus, no problem! I really appreciate it.
GL: I, too, had to have all family members turn their electronic devices over the holidays. Your last post is totally hilarious! I "Tweet" only from home, only from my laptop - again, I just want more traffic on the blog!

OldMorgans said...

I really like the photo of the crabby bird.
I've heard of Twitter but haven't a clue about it; I am mostly new technology ignorant. I do enjoy your blog and have learned some good stuff here.

TorontoVet said...

Funny, the bird does indeed look crabby. I hope you continue to learn from this blog! Thanks very much for the comment.