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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cats don't normally....

... consume much carbohydrate. Felis catus, like the larger Felidae, are strict carnivores. The only carbs the large cats consume come from the gut contents of their prey (herbivores). Felines typically don't eat bread, grains, seeds, pasta, rice, couscous... you get the point. Not to say that they won't eat these things, right? Cats, though much more discriminate than dogs, also enjoy food!
So I came home to find my cat chowing down on a zucchini-carrot muffin, which he stole from the bottom of my gym bag. Especially for a diabetic cat, muffins are really not the way to go!
He's voracious all right.

Things he'd eat in a second. How 'bout your cat?


GoLightly said...

Sister's cat loved tomatos.

My Jethro would eat anything we were eating, if it was available, and even if it wasn't. He could open cupboard doors/drawers.

His brother, Simon, liked rubber bands and ear wax.
Don't ask...

Emily said...

This also applies to ferrets. They are obligate carnivores (I hope I spelled that correctly), and I find far too many foods that have less protein content then cat food. For ferrets a raw food diet is best.

martha said...

I have 2 cats- Murphy
(original orange) -he has huge allergies- skin is maintained with lamb and rice- even 1 tsp of another protein (tuna,chicken) creates "skin chaos" -we watch him carefully and at least he HATES carbs!
Zyp (my dear, sweet Zyp who "ran away" April 19th- my heart is broken) ate ALL carbs- crackers being his fav as well as chips and doritos- and yes, muffins too, he would pull "muffin skins" from the garbage. he was a terrifically (is that a word?) healthy 4 year old Lynz-like sweetie. he would even try the puppy food (YUCK)
yes. he too could open cupboard doors- even climb on top of the stove (!) vent and find the catnip in the cupboard ABOVE-go figure.
Come home Zyp,,we miss you

The new pup is now sleeping through the night- but now he sqeals like a pig when his nails are trimmed! We only do one/two at a time- but the NOISE! (and no the quick wasn't touched)
His "sit" is great-I have
high hopes that this one will graduate!
maybe better weather in toronto??? enjoy! we deserve it.

CrazyVet said...

My lady cat (living with my parents) was crazy about corn, avocado and occasionally lentil and chickpeas (all this before she developed renal disease and now she eats mainly her diet food). The thing about her, is that when she wants something, she gets it. She so persistent, one always ends up granting her full wishes, just so she would shut up (she's half siamese, lots of talking).
With Yasser, the blue cat you see in my avatar, I've been lucky. He doesn't care for food except his kibble, though he does like to taste a tidbit of high-quality ham (only from the deli, he doesn't like the cheaper supermarket type) and a spoonful of yogurt or sour cream. That's quite a surprise he came out this way, as he really liked eating mandarins (filleted, of course) as a kitteh.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

The cat we had to put to sleep last month loved everything, but spaghetti was his favourite. He would share it with me ... he preferred it without tomato sauce, but he would eat it any way.

My other cat doesn't eat people food. He's too good for it I guess? (he's a bit snooty)


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Note - "snooty" not "Snotty" :)

martha said...

Zyp- was also 1/2 Siamese-what soft fur-and yes- the noise he made when he wanted a particular food was.....well..........awful
I had a cat when I was in my 20's who LOVED and I can't say this LOUD enough LOVED LOVED
cataloupe ate it right down to the skin (you know, the orange melon) Newman was crazy for that melon. now that was 30 years ago and I never thought about it for a long time............ahah memories!

TorontoVet said...

Thanks for sharing, everyone. I love these stories. Zyp, I'm glad the post brought up good memories.
There is absolutely nothing adaptive about a domestic cat eating melons, corn, or spaghetti, except perhaps the necessity to take in calories from any and every source possible. I don't buy that too much - I think they just enjoy it (like us)!

LittleVet said...

Here in the UK the supermarkets are really into selling cheap cat food that contains 'peas and vegetables' every time I go in there I am sorely tempted to leave a post it note next to it saying 'cats are obligate carnivores' but then again I am doubtful that the people buying this food will know what the word 'obligate' means.

Robyn said...

I have a wicked Siamese cat (I think "wicked Siamese" is redundant, actually) who is not very discriminating at all, for a cat. She loves potato chips, and we can't leave bread out on the counter because she'll bite through the plastic. Anything with fat or oil (including vegetable oil) attracts her. She's a maniac for cheese and, of course, typical feline fare like chicken.

I've been trying to go super low-carb with my cats. I found grain-free dry food, which is costly but still cheaper than canned food. They get two meals a day, one canned food and one grain-free dry food. I add water to the dry food and sometimes the canned food after reading that this can help prevent kidney problems. Nowadays I'm in one of my endeavors to train them (I get the urge every few years), so freeze-dried chicken treats are on the menu too. I need to find some better training treats, actually; the ones I have are actually for dogs and they're too big, so I have to break them up, which is messy.