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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Familiar species?

This lateral radiograph is of my chest. It's a lateral view that was rotated to look like I'm a quadriped. It is eerily similar to those lateral views of cats and dogs, which vets see virtually every day. But these are mine.
Chest x-rays were taken a few days ago at the ER, as I've been quite ill. I don't have pneumonia, just a severe, viral bronchitis and sinusitis, that is now more irritating than it is painful.
I was actually panick-stricken that I would see a nodule on the chest rads, or pneumonia, both easily identifiable for someone with basic skills in reading films. Neither I nor the physicians saw anything abnormal. How these chest rads rendered me mortal! How I realized that the course of my life would have been altered had even just a small blip been seen on these chest x-rays!
What these x-rays have done is smartly knocked me down a peg. Not only that, but raised the bar on those pets whom I treat every day.

This is another view taken of my chest. How could the physicians have missed this? Click on image to enlarge it.


Mel said...

So lean. Must be a greyhound. ;-)

Angus said...

Glad that you are recovered / recovering. You always struck me as a pretty good vet - but raising the bar higher must take you into the one in a million category. And people say that humans can't learn anything from animals and vice versa.

TorontoVet said...

Mel, that's hysterically funny. Angus, I keep learning and love it! Thanks for the very kind comment.

GoLightly said...


Glad you're okay, and make sure to call Sigourney!

oooh, "mingle" is word verf.

I am a lousy mingler.
I dingle real good:)

Claire said...

woah, what IS that thing?

TorontoVet said...


My buddy photoshopped that in. It's an image from the famous movie "Alien."

GoLightly said...

Hey, I totally win, Doc. I diagnosed that immediately.
Loved those old scary movies.
I mean, not LovE, but, anyway.

Takes the mind off other unchangeable situations.


vanlash said...

Re: Your X-ray with the creature within.

LOL, I knew it looked familiar, but I was snowed. WHAT IS IT? I had to find out the answer to what it was. Too funny. No, I'm not usually that obtuse, really....

Can I say Dr. TorontoVet -

I love your site (I'm not much a commenter). More of a "lurker" as I once heard it termed.

So informative, yet humorous, too.

Looking at it from a "site observation" (sorry, I'm a programmer). It draws you in to read about ALL the actual situations (I personally came here because I was doing specific research on my 2 cats (one with Asthma, the other with constant skin bumps) - (One of whom has just jumped into my lap, pushing my laptop out the way for some cuddelin's - and is showing his approval by some serious purrs) -- back to the subject--I got so caught up, I had to read all of it - all exceptional information to keep in my head re: all my 15 animals. :)

I will be keeping up on reading this! Major Kudos for the info and humor.

Thank you so much,

p.s. glad to hear, it was anything serious!!