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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More on allergies in dogs and cats

So sorry folks for not posting in a while. Was in Paris three weeks ago, and climbing in a beautiful provincial park last week - almost froze (see above).
Here in Toronto, Ontario, and the surroundings, dogs and cats have literally erupted with seasonal allergy symptoms over the last few weeks, while many others started scratching in the spring or summer. Some are mild but most are quite severe. These dogs and cats are being presented with severe itchiness involving the face, the ears, and most frequently the paws. Itchiness can essentially involve any part the pet's body. Neuroses (obsessive compulsive disorders) very rarely cause these symptoms. It is likely your dog is not neurotic but rather allergic if he/she is experiencing these signs. So be on the lookout for ANY itching involving ANY part of the body, especially the ears, paws, and face. Allergic dogs and cats must receive antihistamines (or immunosuppressants or steroids if the former don't work) to relieve these often-suffering dogs and cats.