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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Refreshed and energized.

Firstly, I wanted to thank all readers for your incredible empathy and words of encouragement. At the time of writing my last entry, I was physically and emotionally exhausted.  Once again, I am refreshed.  I have been working as a locum (relief) veterinarian for the past four months in a clinic near High Park, in Toronto.  The owner of the clinic sadly passed away and I was called to work as a replacement until which time the clinic is sold.  Working alone and being the sole decision-maker at this practice has been exactly what I have needed. It has made me seriously think about opening my own shop and becoming a practice owner.  Perhaps I will be a benevolent boss, similar to those to whom I look up, similar to those who have influenced me during my thirteen-year career.
This renewed energy has been coupled with a hitherto-never-felt connection with my city: Toronto. Why? I bought a bike and started cycling everywhere.  I am now physically connected to the city's infrastructure, palpable through the bike's tires, frame, seat, and finally through me. Extricated from the car, I can now look up, see the skyline, feel the wind, touch the roads.  Without a car for the first time in about a decade, I was gravely concerned about my loss of freedom. Nay, I have never felt more free.
A career change is still possible but such a decision, if made, will be made with a clear mind, no longer clouded and sullied by frustration, anger, and resentment.
I look forward to continuing on this path that is my life. The journey thus far has been marred with obstacles, but like a re-energized Mario, Donkey Kong can throw as many barrels at me as he wishes.    I can jump pretty high now.


Karasu Veteriner said...

Nice sharing. Thank you.

Novato Veterinary said...

I appreciate the time that you take to write your blog. I understand being a Vet that your time is limited.

Charlie McPoyle said...

It is great to see someone persevere and to do what they enjoy. Being a veterinarian is a tough job but it's also a rewarding job. To be able to work with animals and help them get better. It doesn't get any better then that.