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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Maine Coon, part 2

The cat in the previous post was in both congestive heart failure AND had a radiographic diagnosis of pulmonary masses. Poor thing.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Respiratory emergency in a Maine Coon cat

My colleague saw this cat on an emergency today. The 8 year-old Maine Coon presented for labored breathing over the last 24 hrs.
These radiographs were taken. They show significant changes in the lung field. The lungs normally appear black (because of air), except for the heart and vessels, which appear white.  In these x-rays there are more 'white spots' in the lung field, which is likely pulmonary edema. Tumors or any other type of fluid (blood, infection) can give this appearance as well.
This cat needs an echocardiogram (cardiac ultrasound) as soon as possible to determine the diagnosis and hence, prognosis.
Poor kitty.

One can barely see the cardiac silhouette on the second view. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

TO Vet in New York!

Sometimes a break is necessary. A looong break from writing! It has been one year since I've blogged - I'm embarrassed.
Last October, I returned to the Rockaways in Queens, NYC. I'm living on the beach and practicing at the Animal Hospital of the Rockaways. Not bad, eh (as I ask in my Canadese)?
The profession continues to be both challenging and frustrating. I remain passionate, yet pessimistic about remaining in this career long-term.  I STILL LOVE THE DOGS AND CATS and care tremendously for their health and well-being.
So many of you have left comments and questions in the past year, to which I have sadly not replied. And I apologize! However, I encourage you to continue reading and asking.
Here are a few answers to your queries:
*To anonymous: yes, Benadryl can be given for the itching associated with puppy strangles at 2 mg/kg up to 3 times daily. Consult with your vet before doing this.
*To anonymous with the 7 week-old lab: your dog is now an adult! Please do not try to make diagnoses online. That's what the vet is for!
*To T. Petersen: immunizations do not cause puppy strangles. Failing to give the proper vaccines to a puppy is called negligence.
*Anonymous with the Great Dane puppy with strangles: high doses of steroids are needed in some cases of strangles. Either that or the original diagnosis was incorrect.
*Anonymous with the 5 year-old Chihuahua: I'm so sorry to hear this.
*Marsha del Sol: thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story.
*Anonymous with the 6 year-old Rottweiler: good thoughts on the steroids causing low thyroid levels. However, most cases of Horner's in dogs are idiopathic (no underlying cause can be found). COPD, however, is not a common diagnosis in dogs. Perhaps you mean allergic bronchitis?
*To Anonymous with kitten with small eye: this is likely a congenital defect or the kitten was affected with a severe eye infection that caused the eye to rupture.
*Robert Tatman: this large growth on the dog's leg should be looked at and biopsied in order to determine what type of mass it is. If it's a fatty mass, it will not cause Horner's syndrome. If this is a malignant mass, it has the potential of spreading which could, theoretically, cause Horner's syndrome.
*Anonymous with the 14 year-old Dalmatian: thank you for sharing your story.
*Tory: thank you for your words of advice and encouragement!
*To Anonymous: a dam who has whelped a puppy with strangles can safely have future litters. That said, we don't know what causes strangles so future litters are at risk.
Thanks everyone!